Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

The research topics of our institute are ranging from solid state chemistry over organometallic and supramolecular chemistry to catalysis. Solid state chemistry is studied in the group of Arno Pfitzner. In the group of Manfred Scheer the organometallic chemistry of main group elements, especially phosphorus as well as supramolecular chemistry is in the centre of interest. The chemistry of main group elements in liquid ammonia is studied in the group of Nikolaus Korber. The group of Robert Wolf is active in the field of synthetic organometallic chemistry and homogenous catalysis.  Cooperative effects by main-group elements is the centre of interest in the group of Robert Kretschmer. Cooperative Silicon-based molecular systems for a metal-free catalysis are investigated in the group of Jonathan Bauer.


Solid State Chemistry

Organometallic Chemistry






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