Application for ChemPharm Membership 


Who can become a member of the ChemPharm graduate school?

Every doctoral candidate of the department of Chemistry and Pharmacy at the university of Regensburg can apply for membership.


How do I apply to become a member?

Follow the link Member area on this page to the application form.


How long will it take to process my application?

It can take up to three months before your membership is confirmed.


Can I withdraw my ChemPharm membership?

In some special situations, at the beginning of the Ph.D. it can be arranged that ChemPharm membership is mandatory. If this was not the case at the start of your Ph.D., you can withdraw your ChemPharm membership. If you withdraw your membership, you will not get a certificate.



Why I should become a ChemPharm member


What's the point of ChemPharm?

The German academic system is developing new avenues to provide graduate students with the national and international best education opportunities. This includes the opportunities offered by structured graduate programs. Since not all of our graduate students have the privilege to be a member of a DFG funded graduate program, ChemPharm now provides similar opportunities on a broader level to all of those graduate students, who are eligible and proactively interested.


What are my personal benefits of being a ChemPharm member?

A ChemPharm membership offers you access to additional qualifications that will sharpen your profile as a chemist or pharmacist. The ChemPharm certificate is a proof of additional qualifications that can proof very important for your professional future. Furthermore, as a ChemPharm member you are eligible for applying for financial support through the iPUR program.


Will I get a certificate for my participation?

Every ChemPharm member who has collected the required credit points will get an additional ChemPharm certificate with the Doctoral certificate.


Can I apply for support from iPUR as a member of ChemPharm?

Yes, you have to be a member of a structured program to apply for iPUR support, so as a member of ChemPharm you are entitled to apply. 


Can I apply for financial support from ChemPharm?

No, there is no direct support for students. 



Activities in the ChemPharm Curriculum


In what activities will I be involved within the graduate school?

ChemPharm gives you the opportunity to participate in educational, academic and soft-skill programs of the graduate school. You can practice and increase your leadership skills as well as your abilities in research, teaching and mentoring.


Also, have a look at the Program section of our homepage.


How many credit points (CP) do I get? How many do I need in the end?

Courses: participation in a method or soft skill course: 2 CP per half day (7 CP needed).

Mentoring and tutoring: 4 CP for a typical lab course or tutorial (8 CP needed). As a guideline, a typical lab course or tutorial should be creditited with 2.5 SWS.

Self-organized events (8 CP needed)

  • 4 CP per organized event.
  • 2 CP for assisting in the conduct of a self-organized event.
  • 4 CP for the instruction of half a day of method course.
  • 4 CP for beeing a speaker at a ChemPharm student colloquium.

Colloquia: 0.5 CP each (9 CP needed). 


For which colloquia can I get credits in ChemPharm?

Colloquia eligible for ChemPharm credits must be those open to members outside of a research group seminar/and institute. Typical examples are GDCh colloquia, presentations by invited international guests, special invited talks by other structured graduate programs, and the like.  These can also include colloquia at other faculties or universities, but not talks that you attend during a conference.


Can I transfer credit points between the different sections?

You can transfer up to 4 credit points between the sections Mentoring and Tutoring, Courses, Self-Organization, Colloquia, Conferences.


My work contract or fellowship requires me to be a tutor. Can I still get credits for ChemPharm?

Yes, your tutoring activity will still be accepted.


Can I get credits for things that I did previously?

Yes, if you did not get credits for this somewhere else.


Who and what are my three mentors?

Your membership in the graduate school will be accompanied by three mentors. The first mentor must be the supervisor of your thesis. Out of the other two, one must be a Hochschullehrer of our faculty. The other mentor can be a scientific employee of our faculty or a Hochschullehrer from an external institution or faculty. How you interact with your 2nd and 3rd mentor is something you should discuss with them.


What is a method course?

A method course give the participants a detailed introduction into a special experimental or computational technique. A few examples topics for such methods courses are light scattering, X-ray crystallography, confocal microscopy, statistics, glove box usage, or continuous flow systems.


How do I offer a method course to other ChemPharm members?

Method courses can be offered in agreement with the scientific advisory board. They should be open to all ChemPharm members and should be announced on the ChemPharm website. The minimum length of a method course is 1/2 day with a minimum number of three participants + the instructor.


What is a job-related course / soft skill course?

Typical topics include: presentation skills, good scientific practice, waste treatment, intellectual property, industrial law, and quality assurance. Language course can also be accredited.


I have attended a certain external soft skill course. Can I get credits?

Yes, for external courses you need to have a certificate of participation.


What means “self-organized activity”?

Self-organized activities include all types of chemistry/pharmacy related events in which you are involved in their organization. This can include

  • demonstrations for high school students (4 credit points). 
  • organization of student colloquia (4 credit points).
  • assisting in the conduct self-organized colloqiua (2 credit points).
  • beeing an instructor of a method course (4 credit points).


How do I document all my activities?

You can document your activities in your performance record, which can be modified online in the membership area. It may be good to keep your mentors up to date with respect to your record so that there are no surprises at the end of your graduate studies.


Typical performance records can look like these:

 performance record1.

 performance record2.


Who documents all my ChemPharm activities?

You document your activities yourself in the membership area.


Can the science I learned during my ChemPharm membership be part of my doctoral exam?

Yes, but the same questions can be part of your doctoral exam if you are not member of ChemPharm.


Will my performance record be available to all examiners at your doctoral exam?



Further Questions


Who can see my profile on the ChemPharm website?

Everyone, if you opt for visible to everyone. Noone, if you opt for not making it public. 


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